About Us

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Founded in 1994, ATG – Anzani Trading Group S.r.l has been using information technology coupled with visionary services and streamlined processes to create competitive advantages for its clients. A passionate and experienced team of experts ignited a steady growth of our company.

Although we started with instruments and tools for large companies’ marketing, sales and finance functions, we adapted them to small and medium businesses too, banks and services structures.

Understanding the value of operational systems data and how it reflects into decision making quality, ATG continued to add value throughout the data chain. Secured web-based applications development, mobility integration, robust controls, effective workflows and big data solved challenges, all topped with friendlier and intuitive user interfaces are our main focus. This helps our customers to take their business to next levels of efficiencies and bottom line better results.

At global, regional and local levels ATG brings you a competitive advantage and a solid partnership. ATG delivers a healthy and proven expertise on any of these levels, increasing your business value chain. We worked with leading worldwide operational systems (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP, Customer Relationship Management – CRM), making their data assets and integration possible and successful with ATG.

ATG business philosophy builds solidly upon synergy between methodology and technology. Our ongoing research of new tools for keeping businesses running smoothly on our products and services speaks once more about our commitment to our customers’ quality, agility and effectiveness.