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AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

During history the industrial revolution has passed through several steps of deep change. Those changes were so powerful, and their impact was so strong that they could be named as real “Revolutions”. The first one was due to the introduction of steam power machines, the second one was due to the electricity, and the third one was strictly connected with the introduction of electronics and computer science in the production line.

Nowadays we are all living the fourth industrial revolution, thanks to the internet and the connection among different devices, whose effect is to produce a high quantity of data.

ATG is ready to accept the challenge of modern times, thanks to the strength of its skills acquired in its 25 years history in Business Intelligence, by putting all its experience at the service of its clients in the process of transformation from represented data to explained data.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence techniques are a real support in order to elaborate complex scenarios, characterized by huge quantities of data connected by complex relations, by helping us to examine a big series of data and information very quickly in order to elaborate accurate decisions, solve problems or carry out tasks or activities independently (Intelligent Data Processing). Some examples of activities could be: financial frauds takeover, research of patterns of behavior in the security border sphere, monitoring and control systems, predictive analyses and Industrial Internet of Things.

Over the years ATG has teamed up with some flagship Universities and Businesses, by incorporating in its solutions the most current technologies of this science which is constantly evolving, as well as with an internal team of consolidated and proven capabilities.

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