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The Artificial Intelligence techniques we study and apply allow us to add interpretation to the information representation, relieving the data user, whatever his level is, from the effort to apply difficult analysis techniques, focusing on obtaining value from the interpretation of data.

The resilience of machine learning of large amounts of data, even noisy and qualitative, combined with the typical plasticity of neural networks, allows these techniques to be applied to a multitude of contexts. In the last months, in particular, our research has been directed towards the world of Business and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to:

  • Forecast of future sales based on: trends, historical models and external influence factors
  • Lead scoring: Assigning a score to the funnel's elements leads to spend more energies on sales
  • Clustering of customers and potential customers: segmenting customers considering their behavior

In the IIOT world machine learning opens up enormous possibilities in:

  • Computer vision, with quality control application
  • Pattern recognition, which allows, for example, to approach maintenance in a predictive way or to manage production programming in an integrated way.


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