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The whirlwind of ongoing operations improvement is here.

Always has been, in fact, hidden or not. Your customer data, the transactions linked to it, and the speed of changing data into revenue are paramount for dailybusiness operations. This makes or breaks the strategy execution of staying competitive. Data continues to grow briskly, and the trends are just showing more to come.

So, how do you navigate all this? Agility, laser-sharpened precision and a lean way running business operations are ranked as top requirements on both Business and IT operations agenda.

For instance, various software packages (e.g. in an alphabetical order and to list just a few, Microsoft Dynamics,Oracle's Siebel, Salesforce.com, SAP CRM) come with a pre-defined set of reporting capabilities. Business and IT users find this as being simply insufficient in pursuing value creation and competitive differentiators. Where do you go from here?

ATG's Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse case studies showcase how we delivered results consistently in many industries. Contact us at Sales@anzanigroup.com  with promo code 100DAYS in the subject line - we will give you a free estimate*) on Business Intelligence and/or Workflow Effectiveness top opportunities your business can re-coup its money in 100 days or fewer.

Questions? We love to hear from you - just write us at Feedback@anzanigroup.com .

*) Certain conditions apply -- promotion valid till Jan 31, 2014.
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