Smarter Ways to Find A…Haystack’s Needle

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Businesses run faster and wiser to achieve higher competitiveness and success. Data and the intelligence behind its use play a larger role in your daily operations across the systems which seamlessly connect your customers to your products and services.  How does your business achieve this quantum leap move? Well, this question probably is one of the top contenders in the popular ‘What keeps you awake at night?’ contest…

There are three main options on the table: 1) you do it yourself, assuming in-house skills set, experience, resources and time-to-market exist; 2) you outsource it entirely, staying focused on your core business; and 3) a well-planned mixture of the first two, complementing and advancing your own team capabilities with external agile help.Concisely, let’s take a closer look at the options.

Number 1) truly makes sense for sound, in-house, highly skilled teams and with some leeway in regards to time-to-market. On top of that, unless you are in the business of flipping companies quickly, you would probably want to do a suitable risk assessment on medium-long term to ensure the technological advantage you have and plan for still exists when the program nears completion. Then, it may carry on to ongoing and somewhat calmer improvements cycles.

For 2) the leading advantage is a fast-tracked approach in bringing in expertise for help. Key here is the selection process and ensuring a sound return on Investment, while proper planning and execution stay in place. Otherwise, haystack’s needle finding can sometimes become a difficult …search and rescue operation without proper controls and execution in place.

Finally, the last option, number 3), is the optimal solution for many. While your internal team(s) can deliver robust business requirements gathering and fast-tracked pace in gaining end-users engagement, the external consultants bring fresher perspectives and knowledge transfer. Both are extremely valuable to define and establish an effective path to success.

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