ATG Suisse SA is the Swiss division of Anzani Group, an Italian group with 30 years of experience and more than 60 professionals in the sectors: Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Software Development, Business Intelligence and web. It has been present in Switzerland for several years, with offices in Stabio and Lugano.


We work for Businesses by building applications and digital solutions that enhance their culture and boost their results. Each company is different. Their data and processes are unique.

Our projects range from business solutions based on SAP HANA, MICROSOFT and MENDIX technology to “ad hoc” software for multinationals and SMEs.


Data is an asset that can be leveraged to optimize and speed up decision-making.
BI allows you to feel the “pulse” of your company.
We use several applications, including PowerBI and Qlik.

We know how to bring programming and manual skills together to produce an excellent result. There are many software programs for the complete management of a business cycle (from sales to administration, from production to warehouse, from delivery to after-sales) today, all apparently valid. In reality, what makes the difference is precisely the “tailor-made” solution that optimizes functionality, eliminates the superfluous and enhances the investment.

Solutions for company departments: Human Resources, Purchasing, Sales, Production, Engineering – R&D, Budget Analysis


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that allows you to configure a computer to emulate the behavior of a user who interacts with various business processes.


  • Cost reduction. By automating tasks, you can achieve productivity savings.
  • Reduction of errors. By eliminating human errors such as fatigue or lack of knowledge, RPA reduces the rate of errors, thus decreasing operational risk.
  • Increase efficiency. Greater execution speed.

Software used: UI Pathe Robocorp.


ATG AI is the division of Anzani Group, specialized in the innovative field of Artificial Intelligence, with already several active projects in different markets: Business, Financial, Industry 4.0, HR/Recruiting and Security.
Our AI expertise is divided into three areas: Data, Images, Text and Generative AI.

We are also dealing with Metaverse «real estate», development and sale of NFTs, properties management, Advertising & media production are just some of the services we can offer to help companies achieve their goals.


Organize web opportunities into result-driven winning strategies. Place the added value of brand and products at the very centre of communication for greater visibility, competitive advantage, and reputation.

The inTeam method allows you to create shared and effective marketing & communication strategies thanks to the involvement of people within the company who are “directed” and “facilitated” by our consultant.

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