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We put at work proven technologies, software and tools along with robust project management methodologies – all well aligned for success. Our solutions include innovative In its early years, ATG invested significant resources in creating innovative procedures embedded in its own framework. This software engineering process led eventually to the creation of a standard instrument upon which all ATG applications are built. In this way, child applications inherit ATG standard's sturdiness, coming from extensive testing and working in different environments and configurations.

Besides, ATG framework guarantees the uniformed/coherency of databases' structures, applications' interfaces and functioning logics. This is very useful especially to clients who require distributed and customized ATG applications.

Microsoft technologies coupled with 3rd party tools are at the heart of our products. Our Product Management team’s main goal is to minimize the change management impact, while getting our customers focused on gaining the benefits of the tools in an accelerated fashion.

A key area of our expertise, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing has been growing while tackling increasingly complex, time-critical processes for companies with or without global footprint, with diverse relational databases and open systems, in a hosted or owned environment. Modern, very intuitive and user-friendly user interfaces, along with powerful self-serving reporting needs, are stripping complexity away for higher ROI.

Wrapping all up, our teams have been using advanced Agile methodologies, increasing implementation speed, part of our ATG standard.

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In campo la tecnologia per fermare il Coronavirus: arriva l’app che lo comunica alle Autorità.

Un esempio concreto di come l’innovazione possa offrire soluzioni per migliorare e proteggere la vita delle persone.

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La Mente e il Braccio

Artificial Intelligence e Robotic Process Automation un connubio vincente per rendere efficienti i processi e aumentare la competitività.